About us

About Us

Knowing a little more about me and my family


We are the Quiroz Ravines family. Our late parents Luis and Rosario have always practiced the “Miracle of Sharing” in the rural Andean community of “San Juan de Yanac”, in Cajamarca, Peru, where we were also born.

Their descendants are just trying to follow on their footsteps, and hope for many good-willed citizens across the world to exercise solidarity, sharing something with the less fortunate.

Luis Quiroz Ravines

My name is Luis Quiroz Ravines. I was born in the rural community of San Juan de Yanac, in Cajamarca, Peru. I studied at Universidad Nacional de Trujillo and graduated as a Spanish Language and Literature Professor and a Tour Guide.

I worked as a teacher for 23 years, and at the same time, as a television journalist, interviewing thousands of Peruvian public figures. I’m registered at the Colegio de Periodistas del Perú (Peruvian College of Journalism).
I’m a journalist specialized in Natural Health, and I have created many products to overcome a number of ailments.

I’m married to Doris Castillo and have two children: Marly, a systems engineer, and Rony, also a systems engineer.

My only achievement is being honest, and my greatest ambition is to serve others.

I have founded El movimiento mundial de ayuda directa a los pobres (“World movement for direct help of the poor”) and, at the same time, I seek to help poor children and elderly people in my rural community of San Juan de Yanac.

The funds I may obtain from the sale of the “Stop Hair Loss Natural Solution” formula, the best treatment for hair loss, and other products, will be destined, as I mentioned above, to help the children and elderly people of my community.