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  • q-iconDoes hair grow back with this lotion?

    I cannot positively confirm that. Theoretically, the lotion does have the ability to make hair grow, but the main purpose is to stop hair loss and keep it strong and healthy, as has happened in my case, even though I use it only once a day, while it is recommended to use the lotion three times a day.

  • q-iconDoes the Quiroz lotion stop hair loss?

    Yes, the lotion stopped my hair from falling in just two weeks. I have been using the lotion daily for several years now, and my hair stays strong and healthy.

  • q-iconDoes the Quiroz lotion help reduce instances of thin hair?

    I only intend to talk about my personal experience. Daily application of the lotion keeps my hair strong, shiny and healthy.

  • q-iconDoes the Quiroz lotion reduce dandruff and seborrhea?

    My hair is quite greasy and, additionally, it has always had dandruff. Dandruff has disappeared and greasiness has notably diminished.

  • q-iconDoes the lotion prevent baldness or alopecia?

    If you use the Quiroz lotion early on, before your hair starts falling or once it has just started, you may prevent baldness or a noticeable loss of hair.

  • q-iconCan the Quiroz Super Formula lotion be used by men and women?

    Yes, the Quiroz lotion is suitable for use by men and women, and in both cases results are the same.

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About The Components

If I do not find any of the components of the lotion in my city, where can I buy them?
You can buy them online... I give you suppliers' addresses that do business to the whole world.
Are the formula’s components expensive?
No; in Peru, preparing 1 liter (1/4 gal.) cost me under 12 dollars, and a liter is enough for a 3 to 4-month treatment.
Are the formula’s components hard to come by?
No, you can find the components in your city, and eventually purchase them over the Internet. I am providing you with the website address of vendors who ship anywhere in the world.

About The Lotion

My hair is not falling yet. Can I use the Quiroz lotion to prevent hair loss?
Naturally; you can use the Quiroz lotion to keep your hair dandruff-free, strong and healthy, and to prevent it from falling.
Can the Quiroz Super Formula lotion be patented?
NO; not in your country nor anywhere in the world. By purchasing the Quiroz Lotion formula you automatically agree not to sell it or patent it in any way. And if you do, you will face legal consequences. Any UNAUTHORIZED use of the formula and lotion will result in an automatic and immediate termination of this written agreement and may be grounds for civil or criminal charges.
Can you sell the lotion to other people?
NO, you have to prepare the lotion only for personal use.
Can the Quiroz lotion be prepared at home for personal use?
Yes; that is the main purpose of the formula — to let you save your hair on time and keep it beautiful and healthy with a recipe you can make at home yourself.
Has the anti-hair-loss Quiroz lotion been clinically tested?
No, I have just tried it on myself and on my many clients. My sincerity may come as a shock, but I would rather lose sales than lie.

Other Topics

Will I patent the Quiroz Super Formula?
Yes, I’m setting things up to patent my natural hair loss preventing formula.
When will my other products be available?
Hopefully soon. I’m researching and testing new products, but the following products are already available:
- Free from fungus forever.
- Natural diabetes control.
- Natural arthritis relief.
- Super-oxidizing wine.
- Super QUIROZ juice.
How are the funds I obtain through the sale of the Quiroz lotion used?
Most of the funds I obtain by selling this lotion and other products will be destined to my charity work in Peru.
What kind of warranty does the Quiroz lotion offer?
You are covered by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Try the lotion, and if you are not satisfied, we will refund your money.
Does the Quiroz lotion reduce grey hairs?
I believe so. I have noticed most people my age have a lot of grey hair, and some have completely white hair, while my hair is greying very slowly.

Stop Hair Loss Natural Solution

If you want to STOP HAIR LOSS in just a few weeks, by using a completely natural recipe, try my lotion and see the results.

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