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Dear affiliates and entrepreneurs,
My name is Luis Quiroz, creator of the “Stop Hair Loss Natural Solution” book.

We have designed this website with the purpose of bringing you information about the product and offering you some tools that you can use to promote it and get the income you desire.


This is the first product I’m releasing to the public, and as I mentioned above, it is a formula for a completely natural lotion that helps to stop hair loss in just a few weeks. The lotion is also ideal to keep the hair strong, shiny and healthy both for men and women.

I’m hoping this product will help me obtain the funds I need for my charity work in Trujillo and San Juan de Yanac, Peru.

Why promote “Stop Hair Loss Natural Solution”?

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    We offer you 75% in commissions

    That’s right — as an affiliate, you will be able to earn 75% over the cost of the product (one of the highest percentages on the market).

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    It is an evergreen product

    In other words, our product will always stay current; it won’t go out of fad. Hair loss will always be an issue across the world, and we are providing a solution for that.

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    It is a profitable niche

    Millions of people suffer this ailment and are searching for products which help them stop their hair loss.

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    It is a 100% natural product

    All components of the formula are natural and easy to obtain.

  • 5

    It is a Product that really works

    I have been using the lotion I’ve created for many years, having definitively managed to stop hair loss. It is no scam.
    It has a sales website structured so as to get a high rate of conversions.

The sales website is based on the concepts by marketer Kenster, and is optimized so as to generate a high number of sales and conversions.

You can check out the website at the following link:
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About the product

“Stop Hair Loss Natural Solution” is an e-book in PDF format with approximately 40 pages. In this book I give step-by-step instructions to prepare the lotion I use daily to prevent hair loss.
The book is written in a simple, didactic language so that the reader can follow all the instructions I provide with the goal of solving the hair loss problem.

It is a very thorough book where I commit all of my experience to solve this problem which affects millions of people.

The subjects discussed on the book are as follows:

  • Causes for hair loss.
  • Consequences of this terrible ailment.
  • Possible conventional solutions to prevent hair loss.
  • Natural solution created by Luis Quiroz.
  • Formula components and how to obtain them either locally or via the internet.
  • Step-by-step lotion preparation.

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We have the regular price for the book, which is $37, which will be shown on the sales website.
In case the prospective customer attempts to leave the website, a downsell for $27 will be displayed. This offer is mostly the same book with some paragraphs removed, but the fundamental part of the formula and its components are unchanged.

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  • Hair growth recipe
    Hair growth recipe

    This article mentions a new hair growth treatment using Omega 3. In this document I provide step-by-step instructions for the recipe that the person wishing to recover his hair should follow. It is a challenging, yet highly effective treatment according to the latest research.


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